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Getting Started

° First contact If, from what you have seen thus far, you would like to know more, simply give me a call.  If I miss your call, I’ll do my best to call you back within 24 hours.  We will talk for between about 5-15 minutes on the phone so that I can find out what you are seeking and so you can get a feel for what it might be like to interact with me. I will let you know if I believe I can help you meet your goals and you can decide if you would like to schedule an appointment.  If you need someone else, I will be very happy to support you in finding someone in our community who is a better fit.


° Risk-Free Initial Consultation: We will meet in my office for up to an hour to have a conversation about your needs and questions and we will come to the best conclusions we can in this short time about what it is you are seeking.  During this session I will let you know my thoughts on the ways you are struggling and what might be of benefit. We will decide together whether you will hire me as your therapist and how often we will meet.   

Except in cases of assessments, or if we have already agreed to do simply a one-session case consultation, you will only be billed for the first session if you decide to continue working with me.


Before we meet for the first time, I will send you a web-link to my client portal for you to complete some private, online documents.  This will be sent via email if you have it (if you do not have email we will make other arrangements).  The client portal will include a questionnaire about your background and needs.  It will also contain a few documents for you to sign electronically.  However, we will also discuss these in the first session to ensure that you understand them thoroughly.

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